NFF (CWB) Services

As one of the key facilities at HKUST, we provide services to the faculty members of different departments for teaching and research purposes. We also provide services to other tertiary institutions and collaborate with the private sectors. The aim is to seek opportunities to explore and develop advanced nano-electronics technologies. We offer services in the following areas:

There are two ways to use NFF (CWB) services. One is to apply to become an NFF (CWB) user and another one is to submit a job order to NFF (CWB) for facility services. The two ways have different procedures to go through.

Applying to become an NFF (CWB) user

Submitting a job order to the NFF (CWB)

A job order for wafer processes

A job order for mask making

Click HERE for more details about mask making

NFF (CWB) Charging Scheme

There is one charging rate for HKUST users and three charging rates for non-HKUST users.

For more details, please click HERE.

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