NFF (CWB) Orientation

Would-be NFF (CWB) users must first attend a series of trainings including Part A) Safety training, Part C) Contamination Control and Protocol , and Part D) NFF (CWB) Website/Booking System training. The training course is held by NFF (CWB) every month. Part B) Chemical Safety – it is divided into two modules, Chemical Safety I (MC07) & II (MC03), and is delivered as a self-learning program by HSEO.

The aim of the training course is to introduce users to the cleanroom environment and to raise their awareness of work-related safety issues, to get familiar with the NFF (CWB) website and booking system as well as to educate trainees on contamination issues and daily operation in the laboratory.

MC07 Chemical Safety I MC03 Chemical Safety II

*For external user, please submit the user application form and send it to Mr. Wilson Yip ( for creating the user profile to register the NFF (CWB) orientation via the booking system.

Admission Examination & Chemical Safety Training Assessment

Once an applicant has completed the training course, he must sit the admission examination and also the chemical safety assessment if he wishes to work in NFF (CWB) laboratories

The examination consists of three papers:

  • Paper I - Safety
  • Paper II - Contamination Control and Protocol
  • Paper III - Process Flow

In general, the examination is held after the training course. Those applicants who fail the examination can re-sit only after re-attending the course.

The syllabus of the examination is as follows:

Paper I Topics:

  1. Cleanroom Environment
  2. MSDS & Material Restriction
  3. Alarm System and Emergency Escape Route
  4. General Lab Safety
  5. Fire and Chemical Safety
  6. Equipment and Operation Safety

Paper II Topics:

  1. Contamination
  2. Process Verification Scheme
  3. General Process Requirements
  4. Operation Guidelines
  5. Cleanliness Levels of Equipment and Wafer Status

Paper III Topics:

  1. Paper II Topics
  2. Standard Format of Process Flows

The diagram below illustrates the path to becoming an NFF (CWB) user.

NFF (CWB) Process Flow

Users must submit their process flow to the NFF (CWB) before starting their processes. A process flow can help us gauge the feasibility of the process and effectively control the risk of wafer contamination. The link below shows a sample of a process flow.