Emergency Responses

The NFF (CWB) Emergency Response Plan tells you what to do in an emergency. NFF (CWB) users should familiarize themselves with the plan before commencing work in the NFF (CWB) and should act accordingly when an emergency occurs. The following contact points are also given in the Plan.

Name Phone Mobile
Mr. Man Wai LEE / NFF (CWB) 7900 / 7896 96217708
Mr. Chun Keung WONG / NFF (CWB) 7226 / 7896 97531662
Mr. Chun Fai YEUNG / NFF (CWB) 7219 / 7896 96573572
FMO (for facilities problems) 6565  
Security Control Centre (for emergencies; available 24-7) 8999  
In case of serious injury or fire 9999  
Police 9999  

According to the general fire emergency procedure of HKUST, all fires must be reported to the Security Control Center immediately. If someone is injured, dial 9999 for the police before calling NFF (CWB) staff. If there is a facility problem that does not pose an immediate danger to laboratory users but may result in equipment damage, dial the number for NFF (CWB) staff or FMO, but do not call the police.

Users are reminded to always dial 9999 when there is a potentially life-threatening situation (e.g. injury, fire, dangerous gas leakage. If the NFF (CWB) needs to be evacuated, an alarm and an emergency evacuation message will be broadcasted via the public address system.

Emergency Response Plan