Equipment and Operation Safety

Our laboratory houses a range of equipment that is available to users with the relevant training. Such equipment includes dry etchers, sputtering and CVD equipment to name a few. The equipment is installed with interlocks to ensure that users can operate the equipment safely. An additional interlock is put on those pieces of equipment that are frequently used to prevent unauthorized use so users have to check in through our equipment booking system before operating those equipment.

Training is offered by NFF (CWB) staff for each piece of equipment. The aim of training is to give users a general background of a piece of equipment, what its specifications are, how to operate it and what to do in an emergency.

Certain pieces of equipment have their own operational manuals detailing the operating procedures and rules of use. Users may also approach our staff for assistance.

In the event of an equipment failure, users should report to our staff immediately. They are reminded to never attempt to fix the equipment themselves as doing so could result in injury not to mention further damage to the equipment. Each piece of equipment serves a specific purpose. If users are unsure if a certain piece of equipment can provide the results they want, they should consult our staff.